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Pore Pozzolanic Tightening Pack - Skin Care, Wash-off Pack

Product Detail Information

It is a sexy treatment pack that contains Pozzolan - highly effective in tightening pore and soothing skin – for adsorption of waste and minimizing of pores to keep skin clean and resilient.


Apply Pore Pozzolanic Tightening Pack to let effective supplements to absorb under skin.



Glanmoor prohibits using hazardous substances.

Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, MIT, CMIT, Mineral oil, TEA, Phenol series, BHT, Benzene series, Synthetic perfume, and artificial dyes.

Included only natural ingredients and essential chemical but safe level of substances for products’ texture.

Glanmoor’s Sebumless Mud Deep Cleansing Balm use ingredients of safe level in EWG.